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So, You Would Like to Commit Sepukku?

There are many ways to commit Sepukku, and this guide will tell you the simpler  way.

Okay, so you have decided to commit a good old fashioned ritualistic Sepukku.
Step One: Find, and provide yourself with a sanatized knife of some sort. (We do not want infections to catch on to those who will be dragging your body out)
Step Two: Proceed to place the knife at the bottom right section of your stomach. Slightly four inches below the ribs.
Step Three: Take a deep breath, and plunge. Then proceed to quickly drag the knife in a horizontal motion across the stomach.
Step Four: After reaching the second point with your knife, proceed to move the knife in a diagonal fashion to the top right of the stomach.
Step Five: The final part of the basic Sepukku is moving the knife in another horizantal fashion to the left abdomen.
Congratulations! You have completed your first Sepukku.

Disclaimer: Sepukku cause a variety of many different sideffects. The most common of these is death. Question yourself on why you are about to commit Sepukku before you actually do it. You may not file legal action againist me before or after you have commited Sepukku. This is just a guide and nothing more.